Polyethylene Terephthalate Strap (PET Strap)  : PET strap is a kind of new environmentally friendly strapping material to substitute steel strap. PET straps is widely used in Heavy engineering Industries, Cotton ginning, Pharma Industry, Fmcg Industry and cable & wire Industry for various packing applications. PET straps are available in wide range of sizes   Read Details

Polypropylene Strap (PP Strap) PP Strap is strong in strength and eco friendly in nature out pp straps and pet straps will be among the most ecofriendly and strong strapping material which is available at most competitive price in the Indian market. It has the rugged performance of steel strapping along with other benefits of pet. .   Read Details

Polyethylene Terephthalate Flakes (PET Flakes): The PET bottles divided by color (clear, light blue, mixed colors) are converted into flakes through grinding, washing, floatation to eliminate foreign materials and centrifugation. The high quality of these PET flakes allows them to be used even in the most innovative applications (heat-formed blisters, plates, triple-layer containers, products for the building industry, automotive industry, textile industry, packaging industries etc.)...   Read Details

 List of Strapping Tools supplied by us will be soon listed on this page...   Read Details