• Cotton / jute Bales
  • Metal industry - sheets , rods , coils , pipes etc
  • Palletisation - Cartons , Film rolls , bags etc .
  • Glass industry
  • Ceramic Industry
  • Laminates & Plywood Manufacturing Units
  • Paper Industries
  • Automobile components and spare parts
  • Home Appliances and white goods
  • Medium & Heavy Engineering Units
  • Polyester fiber and Yarn Bailing
  • Construction Material Industries

We are proud to present premium quality PET straps that are made from premium quality materials and on highly sophisticated and automatic liner that make it the ultimate choice among all the others available in the market. The PET Straps offered by us has emerged as viable alternative to steel straps due to its unbeatable features like high tensile strength, cost effectiveness and high performance. The easy availability and competitive price of our straps make us the foremost PET Straps manufacturer and supplier from Central India.



  • High impact resistance – PET straps have 2.5 times more shock resistance compared to steel straps. Thus, the chance of strap breakage is < half compared to steel straps in case of sudden impact.
  • Spark resistance – unlike steel straps, there is no spark generation in case of any friction due to mishandling. This is important in case of inflammable products like cotton bales.
  • Weather resistance – PET straps are resistant to water and UV light. They have no decomposition or rust formation and eliminates product damage due to corrosion staining. Ideal for open storage.
  • Tension retention- the tension is not lost even in long durations.
  • Elongation and elasticity – during handling and transportation, the pack may move and there can be change in configuration. PET straps being elastic in nature, elongates and then contract and stick back with the pack thereby holding it tightly under tension. Steel straps may become loose in such cases.
  • Human and product Safety - PET straps do not snap back or recoil when cut . Unlike steel strap , with no sharp edges, they are safer to handle and the chances of scratching or indenting of the product are eliminated.
  • Environment Friendly – as an inert material, the strap can be either recycled, safely buried or incinerated.
  • Big savings – the density of PET is 1/6 of steel. Thus for a given size, 1 kg of PET will have 6 times the length compared to 1 kg of steel . In many cases where steel straps are used, the cost can be reduced by 50-70% by switching over to PET straps.
  • Printing is possible on PET strap .

Why PET Strapping is a Better Choice Over Other Plastics?

In many packaging application, PET strap is the only choice because of the following reasons :

High Tensile Strength : PET strap is having more tensile strength than polypropylene strap. It maintains tensile strength for a long stretch of time with excellent shock resistance. PET strap also provides greater load stability & superior retained tension.
Low Elongation : PET strap has less elongation than PP strap which means that the strap tension will not relax during pack expansion, contraction & pack settlement. Packs can therefore be moved safely even after extended period of storage or transport.
Better Weather Resistance : PET strap is virtually unaffected by weather and harsh environment. Compared to Nylon strap, PET strap has better resistant to ultra-violet rays and holds tension even in very humid conditions. PET strap has good Heat resistant, It can withstand up to -30 deg. Celsius to + 80 deg. Celsius temperature.