Giraffe PET straps are the ultimate choice amongst all others in the industry. Premium Quality straps are manufactured on highly sophisticated lines and pass through stringent quality assurance process. Due to its numerous advantages, Giraffe PET straps are fast replacing steel straps in many industries
Giraffe PP straps are suitable for light and medium duty packaging. Choice of various sizes, colors and qualities give lot of flexibility to the customers. Giraffe PP straps work well on all kinds of sealing machines auto, semi auto & manual and have a wide application in many varied industries.

DeeTee PET Flakes are used for making fibre, sheets, bottles, straps, etc. DeeTee contributes to its environment by recycling waste PET bottles and grinding them in to flakes. Option of different sizes of colors are available to customers..


DeeTee group of Industries is a well established group located in Central India. With a presence of 40 years, DeeTee group is engaged in manufacturing of wide range of precision engineering, sheet metal and turnkey fabrication activities.

DeeTee Industries Ltd., established in 1975, is the country’s leading manufacturer of high precision knives, blades, rolls, dies, saws, shafts etc. and is exporting its products to 60 countries globally.

DeeTee is now diversifying with a new foray in to plastic and packaging industry. A new division has been established in a eight acres land in Dewas (M.P.) to manufacture high quality PET & PP straps under the brand name Giraffe.